ABB NPBA-12 installation and start-up guide

The installation and start-up of the NPBA-12 PROFIBUS adapter module are introduced in this PDF guide.
The NPBA-12 PROFIBUS Adapter Module is an optional device for ABB drives which enables the connection of the drive to a PROFIBUS system. The drive is considered as a slave in the PROFIBUS network.
Through the NPBA-12 PROFIBUS Adapter Module it is possible to:

  • Give control commands to the drive (Start, Stop, Run enable, etc.)
  • Feed a motor speed or torque reference to the drive
  • Give a process actual value or a process reference to the PID controller of the drive
  • Read status information and actual values from the drive
  • Change drive parameter values
  • Reset a drive fault

ABB NPBA-12 installation and start-up guide

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