IPSiLog IP12B512 - 512K SPI Low Power Serial SRAM

The IPSiLog Semiconductor GmbH serial SRAM family IP12xxxxx includes several integrated memory devices including this 512Kb serially accessed (SPI-Compatible Interface (Mode0 and Mode3)) Static Random Access Memory, internally organized as 64K words by 8 bits each.

The IP12B512C-T and IP12B512I-T products have the following features:

  • Max Clock 20MHz
  • SPI-Compatible Interface (Mode0 and Mode3)
  • Operating current: max. 2mA @ 1MHz
  • Standby current: typ. 10uA @ +25°C
  • 65.536 x 8-bit Organisation
  • 32-Byte Page
  • Hold pin for pausing communication
  • Sequential Read/Write
  • Flexible operating modes: Byte read and write (BYTE), Page mode (PAGE), Pagestart Sequential mode (PSEQ), Virtual chip mode (VRTM)
  • Infinite read/writes to memory array

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